Price list

Inspections (without materials and installation): 33,00 €
Maintenance: 17,00 €
Replacing the hose (FW/BW/ without materials): 9,00 €
Replacing the hose (hub gear/ no materials):  12,00 €
Hub gear service (SRAM/ Shimano/ Nexus/ Sachs):  35,00 €
Gear settings: 4,50 €
Derailleur settings: 4,50 €

(Since 01/2019, setting the circuit costs € 6.00 each)

For further information concerning our prices and repairs, please contact us on-site.
Please be aware of our schedule.
Due to technical reasons, we can not provide electrical payment.

Collection and delivery service

Radius from Radler (price per trip)

  • up to 10 km - 10,00 €
  • up to 20 km - 15,00 €
  • max. up to 30 km - 20,00 €

Prices/ Rentals

City-/ Trekkingrad: 10,00 €/day
Extra large trekking bikes for men: 15,00 €/day
Citybike 20,00 €/day
Trekking-, Tourenbike 25,00 €/day
Mountainbike 30,00 €/day

Hourly and WE tariff on request.
Accessories on request.
Lock and bike basket for free.

Bicycle coding

  • 15,00 €
  • 10,00 € for members ADFC



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