"the cyclist"

at the main station in Wiesbaden, on platform 11, is a project of the BauHaus Werkstätten Wiesbaden (BWW). On behalf of the provincial capital Wiesbaden the BWW qualifies and employs unemployed juveniles and adults supporting their reintegration in the world of work. In the context of unemployment measures, regulated by the SGB II and the SGB XII, „der Radler“ offers its participants the opportunity to introduce and further their professional competence in a practical environment. The participants are being trained regarding bike fitting and they can increase their competence concerning customer advisory and support.

Being a non- profit institution, „der Radler“ furthermore aims to offer affordable and reasonable prices for bikes and repairs for disadvantaged groups of people.

„der Radler“ thankfully accepts of old or unusable bikes. These bikes will undergo a thorough inspection before they are resold for a small price. We are happy to collect your donations right at your doorstep.

The concept of „der Radler“ proposes that every citizen of Wiesbaden may be our customer.

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From May to October, we regularly offer free bike rides!
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